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Google Group MessagesInclude binary files in EXE and TEXT INTO 01/24/2020 09:14:25 PM18199Eric LendvaiHarbour Users6
Google Group MessagesRead/write XLS without OLE01/24/2020 11:23:53 AM822510RandyHarbour Users2861
Google Group MessagesForms01/24/2020 08:51:39 AM137tarpauwatratarHarbour Users1
Google Group MessagesFastCGI with Harbour, now that is some speed!01/24/2020 01:50:49 AM4148Eric LendvaiHarbour Users3
Google Group MessagesLet's see who is the oldest and the youngest programmer.01/24/2020 01:37:58 AM70600Carlos Alberto HarbourHarbour Users6
Google Group MessagesNew FastCGI Harbour - Local Sandbox example01/23/2020 11:44:22 PM299Eric LendvaiHarbour Users3
Google Group MessagesFASTCGI with harbour 3.4 problem01/23/2020 11:34:18 PM277Domenico D'OriaHarbour Users3
Google Group Messagesfirmar XML con x50901/23/2020 11:09:32 AM3115Eduardo Flores RivasHarbour Users157
Google Group MessagesCase Insensitive StrTran and StrReplace01/23/2020 09:27:44 AM6132Eric LendvaiHarbour Users3
Google Group MessagesHWGUI Designer - An experiment01/22/2020 08:22:19 PM25453AshHarbour Users18
Google Group Messagesexport xls (format BIFF2)01/22/2020 06:29:00 PM135Paola BruccoleriHarbour Users3
Google Group Messagesinteger random number strategy01/22/2020 08:03:42 AM357Luigi FerrarisHarbour Users3
Google Group MessagesUnrecoverable error 6004: Internal error: size of dynamic symbol table exceed01/22/2020 05:21:09 AM7264zbiantHarbour Users1045
Google Group Messageslibgui - Harbour library for console apps development01/22/2020 04:43:29 AM284tarpauwatratarHarbour Users3
Google Group MessagesSubString count01/21/2020 10:58:58 PM4100Gilbert KarweruHarbour Users4
Google Group MessagesHarbour System Capacities01/21/2020 01:35:31 PM11385Eric LendvaiHarbour Users20
Google Group MessagesHarbour 3.2 has been updated and is available for download01/20/2020 05:47:47 PM5256Mel SmithHarbour Users12
Google Group MessagesFreeBSD Port Marked Broken01/20/2020 12:01:40 PM135dokpm0Harbour Users5
Google Group MessagesFull Screen01/20/2020 11:46:40 AM394Giovanni Di MariaHarbour Users5
Google Group MessagesDecompiling an .hrb module01/20/2020 04:59:41 AM152EmmerHarbour Users5
Google Group MessagesRe: [harbour-users] Re: Set code page on hbrun01/20/2020 04:29:00 AM240Maurizio la CeciliaHarbour Users5
Google Group MessagesLooking for an automated testing tool for a DOS/Harbour application01/19/2020 05:54:36 PM263dougHarbour Users6
Google Group MessagesFastreport for Harbour01/19/2020 12:31:45 PM9486Jason AthraxHarbour Users460
Google Group MessagesSet code page on hbrun01/17/2020 08:04:07 PM29Itamar LinsHarbour Users8
Google Group MessagesTemporary index are not so temporary01/17/2020 12:05:07 AM3146Antonino PerriconeHarbour Users10
Google Group MessagesHarbour list on GitHub01/16/2020 03:02:30 PM24654Rafal JopekHarbour Users776
Google Group MessagesError generating Harbour 3.2 LastUpdate.01/15/2020 10:48:16 AM155Roberto BorgesHarbour Users10
Google Group MessagesInkey bug in newest HB32 version01/15/2020 02:54:05 AM9165dmajkicHarbour Developers16
Google Group Messages/w3 /es2 for class/method01/14/2020 10:00:46 PM4176"José M. C. Quintas"Harbour Users2553
Google Group MessagesBCC01/14/2020 08:47:23 AM2107AppliserverHarbour Users11
Google Group MessagesSerialized data01/13/2020 09:42:21 AM171hbenricoHarbour Users12
Google Group MessagesAbout a FiveTouch environment01/13/2020 08:07:19 AM164Hernan CanoHarbour Users12
Google Group MessagesFormat cdx01/12/2020 06:34:00 PM3129tspaolorusHarbour Users37
Google Group MessagesHarbour Compilation Process Diagram01/12/2020 10:30:00 AM2119Eric LendvaiHarbour Users14
Google Group Messages#require USAGE?01/12/2020 03:19:56 AM11259mstuff kstuffHarbour Users36
Google Group MessagesHarbour's planned future? As of 1-2020.01/11/2020 08:22:35 PM10432mstuff kstuffHarbour Users21
Google Group Messagescomplete set()01/10/2020 06:06:05 PM2102QuiqueHarbour Users15
Google Group Messagesa possible read command alternative read2 if likeable01/10/2020 05:45:35 PM144mstuff kstuffHarbour Users15
Google Group MessagesLooking for documentation on the (Harbour) RDD framework.01/09/2020 10:59:09 PM4157John WardHarbour Users18
Google Group MessagesNew article on harbour.wiki - FastCGI Web Development with Harbour01/09/2020 10:57:21 PM9282Eric LendvaiHarbour Users30
Google Group MessagesNew RDD DBF V201/09/2020 10:40:36 PM11363Eric LendvaiHarbour Users19
Google Group MessagesGenerate a Unique Id Number UUID01/09/2020 01:46:45 PM8217poopallHarbour Users19
Google Group MessagesMagical Harbour01/09/2020 10:33:45 AM20728AshHarbour Users26
Google Group MessagesHow to test for a null field values01/08/2020 01:19:13 AM10209Eric LendvaiHarbour Users25
Google Group MessagesHome/business control automation01/07/2020 02:24:28 AM7179David FieldHarbour Users20
Google Group MessagesAdvanced Harbour Google Groups Search engine on harbour.wiki now includes minigui-forum01/06/2020 07:44:17 AM12255Eric LendvaiHarbour Users23
Google Group MessagesLetoDBf01/05/2020 09:08:51 AM175AshHarbour Users20
Google Group MessagesUsing a 32-bit In-Process COM Server DLL From 64-bit Harbour01/04/2020 05:58:39 PM275jlca...@gmail.comHarbour Users21
Google Group MessagesMQTT01/04/2020 12:28:14 PM3157ohaldiHarbour Users28
Google Group MessagesLetoDB bug01/04/2020 07:48:01 AM14143Nenad BatocaninHarbour Users22
Google Group MessagesCambio de EXCEL a CALC de LibreOffice01/03/2020 10:35:19 AM7100Edgar LeeHarbour Users23
Google Group MessagesHappy new year 202001/03/2020 08:49:24 AM9127CarlitusHarbour Users25
Google Group MessagesSearch language "harbour" on github01/02/2020 02:13:38 PM14244Ernad HusremovicHarbour Users26
Google Group MessagesZIP limit on 32 bits01/02/2020 09:45:13 AM279José M. C. QuintasHarbour Users23
Google Group MessagesThe future of Harbour01/01/2020 07:17:54 PM842088Eric LendvaiHarbour Users51
Google Group Messagesagile harbour12/31/2019 08:35:36 PM62823Ernad HusremovicHarbour Users34
Google Group MessagesWhy Viktor Szakats and Przemyslaw Czerpak left harbour project?12/31/2019 05:32:42 AM5325Ernad HusremovicHarbour Users28
Google Group MessagesHarbour and MiniGUI - software for Windows with MySQL12/30/2019 07:02:53 PM180MSDNHarbour Users26
Google Group MessagesCDC algorithm implementation in harbour programming langauge12/30/2019 12:53:03 PM15201rodrego sandinoHarbour Users28
Google Group MessagesDBF Header Missing Codepage12/29/2019 10:12:03 PM383Eric LendvaiHarbour Users27
Google Group MessagesSave file (win_olecreateobject(Excel)12/27/2019 11:17:55 PM4115SHAJI THOMASHarbour Users34
Google Group MessagesDOS Error 112/27/2019 11:13:44 PM147SHAJI THOMASHarbour Users29
Google Group Messagesinherit a windows class12/27/2019 10:47:09 AM2106José M. C. QuintasHarbour Users33
Google Group MessagesPROTOTYPE12/27/2019 06:35:20 AM6153José M. C. QuintasHarbour Users31
Google Group Messages 12/24/2019 01:32:44 PM5103Massimo BelgranoHarbour Users32
Google Group Messagescreate a harbour binary from source12/24/2019 10:03:21 AM5129Paola BruccoleriHarbour Users36
Google Group MessagesPossible bug with variables by reference12/24/2019 08:17:26 AM5103QuiqueHarbour Developers33
Google Group Messagessharing dbf via samba and local linux12/24/2019 06:23:06 AM979fperilloHarbour Users33
Google Group MessagesNéfele 4 harbour12/24/2019 02:12:40 AM4157Adalberto Baqueros CuellarHarbour Users33
Google Group Messageswin_olecreateobject() for MS Excel12/22/2019 02:35:49 AM140SHAJI THOMASHarbour Users34
Google Group Messagesmod_harbour Genesis: The Harbour for the web ERP !!!12/21/2019 09:05:26 AM7271Antonio LinaresHarbour Users37
Google Group MessagesAn article Harbour install on Linux12/21/2019 02:09:07 AM4141Alain AupeixHarbour Users49
Google Group MessagesMinGW for Harbour Development12/20/2019 08:45:29 PM25371David AllenHarbour Users42
Google Group MessagesRS256 algorithm12/20/2019 08:28:39 AM174CNavarroHarbour Users36
Google Group Messagestrying to get TONE() to work in hb3.412/20/2019 04:23:18 AM147mstuff kstuffHarbour Users36
Google Group MessagesLetoDB12/17/2019 09:56:54 AM298SHAJI THOMASHarbour Users40
Google Group MessagesHB_APARAMS12/16/2019 05:28:36 PM167HurricaneHarbour Users40
Google Group MessagesRe-set variable for reference?12/16/2019 04:20:13 PM8101HurricaneHarbour Users41
Google Group MessagesRegex Usage12/16/2019 02:13:13 PM257David AllenHarbour Users40
Google Group MessagesAre there any BTrieve RDDs available for Harbour?12/16/2019 12:17:57 PM147HBQuerierHarbour Users40
Google Group MessagesErrore irrecuperabile 1010: hb_cdxIndexPageRead: Read index page failed.12/16/2019 12:12:02 PM371tspaolorusHarbour Developers43
Google Group MessagesImport Data from json to dbf12/16/2019 05:53:14 AM27315Vikram ChhajerHarbour Users98
Google Group MessagesErrore irrecuperabile 1010: hb_cdxIndexPageRead: Read index page failed.12/16/2019 12:44:19 AM571tspaolorusHarbour Users43
Google Group Messageshow to send json with url12/15/2019 09:37:58 PM72469Vikram ChhajerHarbour Users78
Google Group MessagesGMT time12/15/2019 05:31:22 PM142QuiqueHarbour Users41
Google Group MessagesI search library for touchscreen...12/15/2019 03:27:49 PM6141Yugo TurboHarbour Users47
Google Group MessagesXailer Personal: Completely free!12/14/2019 07:29:39 PM8214HurricaneHarbour Users44
Google Group MessagesHarbour web apps using Fast-CGI interface12/14/2019 12:54:46 PM3181Eric LendvaiHarbour Users717
Google Group Messagesmod_harbour for Microsoft IIS (very very early prototype)12/13/2019 10:29:20 PM7144Antonio LinaresHarbour Users136
Google Group MessagesCompilaao harbour12/13/2019 12:20:43 PM133Fernando CamargoHarbour Users43
Google Group MessagesDownloading the responce in byte[]12/12/2019 07:17:42 AM673Vikram ChhajerHarbour Users44
Google Group MessagesHOW TO IMPORT JSON TO DBF12/12/2019 06:31:24 AM153Vikram ChhajerHarbour Users44
Google Group Messagesuse of dynamic dll with hbmk212/11/2019 12:13:57 AM13193Antonino PerriconeHarbour Users47
Google Group MessagesMissing Library for GCC Linker?12/10/2019 02:56:19 PM666David AllenHarbour Users46
Google Group MessagesAPPEND FROM bug12/10/2019 02:45:36 PM789Nenad BatocaninHarbour Users46
Google Group MessagesHow to Send Sms12/10/2019 05:50:01 AM7276Vikram ChhajerHarbour Users61
Google Group MessagesCloud ( AWS ) Specific Library - Where to Host ?12/10/2019 02:22:15 AM17734Pritpal BediHarbour Users152
Google Group MessagesLetoDBf slow append on server12/09/2019 06:14:07 PM7206d sHarbour Users55
Google Group MessagesI compiled Harbour in FreeBSD (go me) but I don't understand 'gmake install'...12/09/2019 07:53:03 AM593Michael GreenHarbour Users50
Google Group MessagesHow to compile LETOdb as nlm for NetWare server12/09/2019 06:54:49 AM143Yugo TurboHarbour Users47
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