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Google Group MessagesLetoDBf UDF04/20/2019 02:32:57 PM4143Ottó TrappHarbour Users
Google Group Messageshb-glfw04/20/2019 11:04:45 AM254Rafal JopekHarbour Users
Google Group MessagesORM for Harbour - generic Class for Data Management04/20/2019 01:33:54 AM143Antonio LinaresHarbour Users
Google Group MessagesHarbour-GL04/19/2019 10:53:49 PM4155Rafal JopekHarbour Developers
Google Group MessagesNew article on harbour.wiki - Developing and Debugging Harbour Programs with VSCODE04/19/2019 03:15:51 PM6134Eric LendvaiHarbour Users
Google Group MessagesPackage with systems04/19/2019 01:24:10 PM129MSDNHarbour Users
Google Group MessagesRe: [harbour-users] google sucks04/19/2019 07:36:16 AM147Andrzej P. WozniakHarbour Users
Google Group Messagesmessage in a box when pc is busy04/19/2019 06:10:42 AM5131dfpro...@gmail.comHarbour Users
Google Group MessagesCompile Error04/18/2019 03:17:18 AM244kamleh patelHarbour Users
Google Group MessagesI nned AX_TRANSACTION(), AX_ISFLOCKED(), AX_GETLOCKS(), AX_RLOCK(), SEC_ISADSCONN() for harbour04/17/2019 03:25:13 PM9184Magdalena....from PolandHarbour Users
Google Group MessagesVisual Studio Code add-in04/17/2019 11:58:15 AM35788Alex StricklandHarbour Users
Google Group MessagesXML without declaration04/17/2019 07:13:45 AM456GMHarbour Users
Google Group MessagesSQLite Editor (freeware)04/16/2019 11:52:39 AM3145HurricaneHarbour Users
Google Group MessagesSqlite unrecognized token04/16/2019 10:39:35 AM488Gilbert KarweruHarbour Users
Google Group MessagesAdvantage Database Server Error 7041 v8.0.104/16/2019 08:06:23 AM246Magdalena....from PolandHarbour Users
Google Group MessagesI request help to test text editor and virtual machine made in Harbor.04/16/2019 12:58:13 AM8146Daniel L. StuardoHarbour Users
Google Group MessagesHow to send Printing to USB printer direct from programme in hb04/15/2019 07:08:30 PM501386Koshal AgarwalHarbour Users
Google Group MessagesVisual Clipper - Again04/15/2019 10:52:15 AM34997AshHarbour Users
Google Group MessagesFile functions do not work on Windows\System32 folder04/15/2019 07:52:48 AM387Mauricio Ventura FariaHarbour Users
Google Group MessagesBackup with letodbf04/14/2019 05:43:34 PM83763Jnf NascimentoHarbour Users
Google Group Messages2019-04-11 17:23 UTC+0200 Przemyslaw Czerpak (druzus/at/poczta.onet.pl)04/13/2019 04:09:00 AM2108druzusHarbour Developers
Google Group MessagesHBNETIO on Internet04/12/2019 08:59:40 PM18808Giovanni Di MariaHarbour Users
Google Group MessagesHarbour Community 2019 "los viejos rockeros nunca mueren" Calpe Spain 2019 organized by Harbour Magazine04/12/2019 07:28:27 PM3101Antonio LinaresHarbour Users
Google Group MessagesCall a harbour function from C code04/12/2019 07:17:53 PM7272Mario LoboHarbour Users
Google Group MessagesHow to compile hb32 from source ? I have many errors...04/12/2019 03:02:46 PM8149Magdalena....from PolandHarbour Users
Google Group MessagesNew article on harbour.wiki - Comparing computer languages, Harbour, VFP and others04/12/2019 11:56:51 AM24508Eric LendvaiHarbour Users
Google Group Messagessomeone have the book "MiniGui Extended For Dummies" italian ?04/12/2019 10:50:06 AM264dfpro...@gmail.comHarbour Users
Google Group MessagesHarbour 3.2 has been Updated to Build No. 1904111153 and ai available to Download from whosaway.com04/12/2019 08:40:40 AM134Mel SmithHarbour Users
Google Group MessagesWork area cargo var04/12/2019 01:21:36 AM150hbenricoHarbour Developers
Google Group MessagesI search Files libace32.a librddads.a for Advatage Database Server 7.1 for minigw04/11/2019 12:19:47 PM248Magdalena....from PolandHarbour Users
Google Group Messages2019-04-11 17:33 UTC+0200 Przemyslaw Czerpak (druzus/at/poczta.onet.pl)04/11/2019 08:33:36 AM161druzusHarbour Developers
Google Group Messagescrash on dbExists and dbDrop04/10/2019 03:05:50 PM299Antonino PerriconeHarbour Developers
Google Group Messageshbmk2 debugger how ?04/10/2019 08:39:34 AM9161Antonio LinaresHarbour Users
Google Group MessagesIs there an existing module that saves and restores a hash array from a text file?04/10/2019 04:34:41 AM11162HBQuerierHarbour Users
Google Group MessagesClass HBEditor with syntax highlighting04/09/2019 07:08:26 AM19350Antonio LinaresHarbour Users
Google Group Messagesdlltool + pexports for MiniGW04/09/2019 03:13:06 AM678Magdalena....from PolandHarbour Users
Google Group Messagesis var really = "" function04/08/2019 07:59:19 PM499Otto ShimerHarbour Users
Google Group MessagesIs there a full Harbour function doc that can be downloaded?04/08/2019 02:16:02 AM155HBQuerierHarbour Users
Google Group MessagesI search HB20 or 3.2 without minigw04/08/2019 02:12:49 AM480Magdalena....from PolandHarbour Users
Google Group MessagesIdle speculation04/06/2019 12:50:35 PM261johnswolterHarbour Developers
Google Group MessagesRe: [harbour] Error during compiling harbor04/06/2019 02:44:18 AM145Klas EngwallHarbour Developers
Google Group MessagesHarbour.wiki as default page for harbour Google Groups04/05/2019 04:02:32 AM276Eric LendvaiHarbour Users
Google Group MessagesHOW Compile Harbour in Linux Mint04/05/2019 12:40:36 AM261hherreraHarbour Users
Google Group MessagesProblems with this Google Group04/04/2019 03:40:13 PM7176Chris_DHarbour Users
Google Group MessagesRegular expressions04/04/2019 11:01:28 AM7101Antonio LinaresHarbour Users
Google Group Messageshbpgqsl and POSTGRESQL version04/04/2019 09:59:12 AM3101Luigi FerrarisHarbour Users
Google Group Messagesproblem with xtranslate04/04/2019 03:23:03 AM652Antonino PerriconeHarbour Users
Google Group MessagesFastReport04/03/2019 06:19:02 PM5107kamleh patelHarbour Users
Google Group MessagesNew article on harbour.wiki - "Web Scraping Harbour Google Groups"04/03/2019 06:10:30 AM3152Eric LendvaiHarbour Users
Google Group Messagesgtwv* font function. Sucess, even if non existant?04/02/2019 07:21:17 PM151Otto ShimerHarbour Users
Google Group MessagesxEdit: code editor for xBase (DEBUG, DBF, SQLite...)04/02/2019 08:56:09 AM167HurricaneHarbour Users
Google Group MessagesI search client files for Advantege Database Server 8.0 Please help :) for Harbour 2.0 or 3.204/02/2019 06:13:41 AM33414Magdalena....from PolandHarbour Users
Google Group MessagesNew Advanced Harbour Google Groups Messages Search engine on harbour.wiki04/02/2019 12:28:39 AM14299Eric LendvaiHarbour Users
Google Group MessagesBuild Harbour on Android using Termux the easy way !!!04/01/2019 01:33:24 PM11244Antonio LinaresHarbour Users
Google Group MessagesHarbour on Mainframe04/01/2019 05:24:03 AM5292Roberto BorgesHarbour Users
Google Group Messages20 years Harbour 1999-201903/30/2019 06:23:20 PM186Rafal JopekHarbour Users
Google Group Messagescore/dfb1.c typo error03/30/2019 09:47:38 AM156jorge_goiasHarbour Developers
Google Group MessagesHarbour 3.2 has been Update to Build No. 1903272127 and is available to Download from whosaway.com03/30/2019 09:04:55 AM9136Mel SmithHarbour Users
Google Group MessagesNo he podido Actualizar el OOhg03/29/2019 11:03:22 PM145Edgar LeeHarbour Users
Google Group Messagesharbour on web ... is possible ?03/29/2019 11:19:34 AM5150dfpro...@gmail.comHarbour Users
Google Group MessagesQuery03/28/2019 05:00:42 AM157kamleh patelHarbour Users
Google Group Messageshow to compile a prg file03/26/2019 04:50:19 AM491jsowdenHarbour Users
Google Group MessagesMemory variable naming. Just an opinion.03/25/2019 09:23:12 PM4119Otto ShimerHarbour Users
Google Group Messages2019-03-19 18:12 UTC+0200 Mindaugas Kavaliauskas (dbtopas/at/dbtopas.lt)03/25/2019 11:23:30 AM5163Mindaugas KavaliauskasHarbour Developers
Google Group Messageswhosaway.com shutting down on Mar 23 at approx GMT 050003/24/2019 06:56:56 AM488Mel SmithHarbour Users
Google Group MessagesJob Opening03/24/2019 05:02:48 AM5422Pritpal BediHarbour Users
Google Group MessagesNews - Xailer (Harbour)03/22/2019 05:42:06 PM184HurricaneHarbour Users
Google Group MessagesCMakeLists.txt to build Harbour libs from Android Studio using OSX03/22/2019 12:23:51 AM2110Antonio LinaresHarbour Users
Google Group MessagesHarbour-GL03/21/2019 10:14:17 AM15376Rafal JopekHarbour Users
Google Group Messages[semiOT] which NAS are you using?03/21/2019 05:21:00 AM259fperilloHarbour Users
Google Group MessagesConvertir reportes a excel y pdf03/20/2019 01:08:01 PM3100josema...@gmail.comHarbour Users
Google Group MessagesHarbour 3.2 has been Updated to Build No. 1903191612 and is now available to Download at whosaway.com03/19/2019 05:29:32 PM178Mel SmithHarbour Users
Google Group Messagesplease provide a small hbcurl sample03/19/2019 05:25:26 AM4207fperilloHarbour Users
Google Group MessagesTo all HMG users03/19/2019 05:22:01 AM5224José Luis Sánchez NavarroHarbour Users
Google Group MessagesOpLocks, win_osNetRegOk, 3.2 vs 3.403/19/2019 03:00:20 AM287LFHarbour Developers
Google Group MessagesOpLocks, win_osNetRegOk, 3.2 vs 3.403/18/2019 08:26:24 PM2110LFHarbour Users
Google Group MessagesHaruPdf - HPDF_SaveToFile - cannot save a file with local national /unicode characters in the path or filename03/16/2019 09:39:03 AM164Zoran SibinovicHarbour Users
Google Group MessagesBuilding Harbour fails on MinGW03/15/2019 05:32:19 PM8205Mindaugas KavaliauskasHarbour Developers
Google Group MessagesCompiling Harbour 3.2 or 3.4 on FreeBSD?03/15/2019 03:20:51 AM6132Michael GreenHarbour Users
Google Group Messagescompiling tests under debian busty amd64, gcc 8.3.0-2, harbour 3.2 r1902111251 works only with -static03/15/2019 03:18:46 AM142Domenico D'OriaHarbour Users
Google Group MessagesADD a DATA in class03/14/2019 04:54:19 AM3103HenryHerreraHarbour Users
Google Group Messagesdebian busty amd64, gcc 8.3.0-2, harbour 3.2 r1902111251 make, make-install compiling report03/13/2019 03:35:07 AM156Domenico D'OriaHarbour Users
Google Group MessagesPrinting on Android using Harbour and QT (FiveTouch)03/12/2019 08:42:57 AM1104Antonio LinaresHarbour Users
Google Group MessagesUsing Visual FoxPro 9.0 from Harbour03/12/2019 05:47:41 AM2128jlca...@gmail.comHarbour Users
Google Group Messages2019-03-11 23:30 UTC+0100 Jean Lefebvre (jfl/at/Mafact.com)03/12/2019 01:10:55 AM177j...@mafact.comHarbour Developers
Google Group MessagesGo to MariaDB without ADO03/11/2019 11:33:26 AM189MSDNHarbour Users
Google Group MessagesRequest at harbour developer03/11/2019 07:40:56 AM1110Massimo BelgranoHarbour Developers
Google Group Messageshb_socketbind() questions03/09/2019 11:31:13 AM268ReinaldoHarbour Users
Google Group MessagesDBCREATE problem in LetoDBf03/09/2019 09:56:10 AM5157cod...@outlook.comHarbour Users
Google Group Messages[LetoDBf] - Version Info03/08/2019 07:41:13 PM8183AshHarbour Users
Google Group MessagesHarbour and WebAssembly - First Results03/08/2019 09:13:42 AM6484Pritpal BediHarbour Users
Google Group Messageshbcomm on RDP03/08/2019 08:09:40 AM5124Roberto ParisiHarbour Users
Google Group MessagesCOPY TO command puts unwanted "header" record in output file03/08/2019 04:33:43 AM3103Scott CoffeyHarbour Users
Google Group MessagesLetoDBF with user access control03/07/2019 11:48:29 AM47935Marek MOLHarbour Users
Google Group MessagesERROR leto_IndexesInfo() corrected active order 3 to 003/07/2019 11:14:11 AM10183Theo PluymHarbour Users
Google Group MessagesConsumir web service de asmx y SQL03/06/2019 12:07:28 PM6167edward...@gmail.comHarbour Users
Google Group Messageshow to delete opened file03/06/2019 06:15:36 AM5139Koshal AgarwalHarbour Users
Google Group MessagesMenu and GTWVG03/06/2019 05:33:56 AM8284AaMsHarbour Users
Google Group MessagesGTWVG MenuBar - HOTKEY and Hit ?03/06/2019 05:23:05 AM138MVinfoHarbour Users
Google Group Messageshelp with WvgMenu03/06/2019 05:17:23 AM292Diego FazioHarbour Users
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