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Google Group MessagesNewbie07/20/2019 12:29:52 PM785RonHarbour Users2
Google Group MessagesNeed Info about DB_DBFLOCK_HB6407/20/2019 08:13:33 AM13Budyanto Dj.Harbour Users0
Google Group Messageswitdh of a word07/19/2019 03:03:26 AM575fdanieleHarbour Users2
Google Group MessagesError in HB_JsonEncode ?07/18/2019 05:58:32 PM235VladHarbour Users2
Google Group MessagesHow to return ONLY the matches BETWEEN the strings?07/18/2019 04:49:58 PM12HBQuerierHarbour Users2
Google Group MessagesHow to POST multidimensional array data with cURL include file07/18/2019 03:22:54 AM297GMHarbour Users12
Google Group MessagesUnderstanding mod_harbour design07/18/2019 01:41:27 AM148Antonio LinaresHarbour Users2
Google Group MessagesImport .csv file to dbf07/17/2019 06:53:57 PM15195Diego FazioHarbour Users10
Google Group MessagesExtended key code07/17/2019 06:57:10 AM132alkresinHarbour Developers3
Google Group Messagesgit pulling mod_harbour: error07/17/2019 12:58:31 AM354Alain AupeixHarbour Users4
Google Group MessagesNot Able To Print BarCode07/16/2019 03:45:44 PM10108Vikram ChhajerHarbour Users5
Google Group Messagesmod_harbour genesis : error07/16/2019 01:48:50 AM6118Alain AupeixHarbour Users6
Google Group MessagesPython function id() for Harbour07/14/2019 04:11:25 PM2102Antonio LinaresHarbour Users6
Google Group Messagesmod_harbour friday's skype sessions07/13/2019 08:18:54 AM285Antonio LinaresHarbour Users8
Google Group Messagesmod_harbour : Some annoying details07/11/2019 11:51:11 PM3104Alain AupeixHarbour Users9
Google Group MessagesCGI Help07/11/2019 08:46:54 AM14235JohanHarbour Users14
Google Group MessagesVirtual Keyboard07/11/2019 12:07:31 AM159FranzHarbour Users9
Google Group MessagesHow to download previous versions of Harbour 3.207/10/2019 08:02:39 AM23271Mel SmithHarbour Users17
Google Group MessagesGitbuh two-factor authentication07/10/2019 02:09:53 AM158elchHarbour Users10
Google Group MessagesLoadLibrary() documentation07/10/2019 12:29:50 AM275fdanieleHarbour Users11
Google Group Messagesmod_harbour 'machine'07/08/2019 01:40:47 PM166Alain AupeixHarbour Users12
Google Group MessagesHarbour on Linux - step by step07/07/2019 06:07:15 AM11274HazaelHarbour Users24
Google Group Messagesmod_harbour and Antonino Perricone's vscode Harbour extension and debugger working together !!!!!!07/06/2019 12:16:38 AM21219Antonio LinaresHarbour Users16
Google Group Messagesmod_harbour Notes by Carles Aubia07/03/2019 01:08:06 PM12265Antonio LinaresHarbour Users21
Google Group MessagesBCC 7.4.0 has replaced BCC 7.3.0 on whosaway.com07/03/2019 07:48:51 AM4163Mel SmithHarbour Users43
Google Group Messageswordpad07/03/2019 07:19:16 AM595fdanieleHarbour Users18
Google Group Messageswhitch version of libmysql.dll have to use ?07/02/2019 12:18:49 AM483fdanieleHarbour Users24
Google Group Messagesmod_harbour Classes browser07/01/2019 12:26:54 PM6142Antonio LinaresHarbour Users20
Google Group Messageshb-mod_list.prg07/01/2019 05:42:20 AM152Alain AupeixHarbour Users19
Google Group MessagesOn the different methods of calling wapi_ShellExecute()07/01/2019 12:13:30 AM9347JunHarbour Users1649
Google Group MessagesHarbour and MiniGUI and MySQL06/29/2019 07:35:20 AM172MSDNHarbour Users21
Google Group Messagesmod_harbour > The Virtual Machine > The Global Symbol Table06/29/2019 03:58:08 AM160Antonio LinaresHarbour Users21
Google Group MessagesReading Flash Drives in Harbour under Win706/28/2019 12:17:34 PM15227devoid crankcaseHarbour Users31
Google Group Messageshb_TtoC normal behaviour or bug?06/28/2019 10:07:42 AM376Luigi FerrarisHarbour Developers22
Google Group MessagesUsing the debugger from mod_harbour on Windows06/28/2019 03:12:14 AM5112Antonio LinaresHarbour Users23
Google Group Messageshbmk -find doesn't work in my computer06/27/2019 06:43:19 PM463VladHarbour Users24
Google Group Messageshb_gtInfo( HB_GTI_CLIPBOARDDATA ) under Linux06/27/2019 06:32:51 PM374Moshe MordkovychHarbour Users24
Google Group MessagesOLEDB support06/27/2019 03:20:57 AM8145Antonino PerriconeHarbour Users25
Google Group Messagesmod_harbour : debugon.prg fails06/27/2019 01:44:39 AM243Alain AupeixHarbour Users23
Google Group Messagesdetermine at runtime if .EXE is compiled using 64-bit compiler06/27/2019 12:02:32 AM391Miroslav GeorgievHarbour Users24
Google Group MessagesInsert my libs in apache mod_harbour. It's possible ?06/26/2019 07:02:20 AM383VladHarbour Users25
Google Group MessagesMod_harbour error on Ubuntu 18.0406/26/2019 05:32:20 AM18128JayadevHarbour Users27
Google Group MessagesFirewall filter in httpd06/25/2019 12:04:10 PM387VladHarbour Users27
Google Group Messagesmod_harbour eshop (work in progress)06/25/2019 07:36:01 AM694Antonio LinaresHarbour Users25
Google Group MessagesSome problems with mod_harbour06/24/2019 11:53:11 PM12210Alain AupeixHarbour Users31
Google Group MessagesCannot create HBWIN.LIB under BCC 7.4 (at least)06/22/2019 08:44:38 AM22220Mel SmithHarbour Users32
Google Group MessagesNetio as a windows service error.06/21/2019 09:16:56 AM3104Gilbert KarweruHarbour Users30
Google Group MessagesMod_Clipper06/18/2019 10:56:42 PM4193Mohamed HamzaHarbour Users33
Google Group MessagesA professional web blog using mod_harbour !!!06/18/2019 06:13:32 AM3187Antonio LinaresHarbour Users34
Google Group Messagesmod_harbour : honey06/18/2019 06:11:19 AM6176Alain AupeixHarbour Users37
Google Group Messagesis possible use XIDE with harbour ?06/17/2019 12:33:01 AM14377fdanieleHarbour Users47
Google Group MessagesDon't miss this impressive mod_harbour app !!!06/14/2019 08:11:58 AM1106Antonio LinaresHarbour Users36
Google Group Messagesmod_harbour samples list06/13/2019 05:17:54 AM191Alain AUPEIXHarbour Users37
Google Group MessagesHelp in wrapper of libxlsxwriter06/13/2019 03:40:27 AM2128riztanHarbour Developers44
Google Group MessagesFunctionC++ harbour06/12/2019 06:57:36 AM9154Joel M BernardesHarbour Users39
Google Group MessagesQuick test the mod_harbour on Apache Linux from Windows 10 !!!06/12/2019 03:08:17 AM27360Antonio LinaresHarbour Users62
Google Group MessagesAdd any lib that you may need inside libharbour.dll (mod_harbour)06/11/2019 12:11:12 PM7152Antonio LinaresHarbour Users41
Google Group MessagesA mod_harbour for Apache06/11/2019 03:00:16 AM1051741Antonio LinaresHarbour Users66
Google Group Messagesmod_harbour sandbox is ready !!! Write and run your code from the web directly !!!06/10/2019 02:27:51 AM18318Antonio LinaresHarbour Users47
Google Group MessagesHow to build gtwvw on harbour 3.206/09/2019 02:36:38 AM6141Stephanus BDHarbour Users44
Google Group MessagesDecimal problems06/08/2019 04:49:55 AM496Gustavo GonzálezHarbour Users43
Google Group MessagesNew mod_harbour 32 and 64 build for Windows 32/64 with support for .hrb files06/07/2019 01:02:27 PM11197Antonio LinaresHarbour Users44
Google Group MessagesPaste from Clipboard in GET06/07/2019 09:26:50 AM6163mhsabadoHarbour Users46
Google Group Messageshelp wrapper of libxlsxwriter06/07/2019 07:26:51 AM144Riztan GutierrezHarbour Users43
Google Group MessagesNew article on harbour.wiki - Comparing computer languages, Harbour, VFP and others06/07/2019 07:24:02 AM25608Eric LendvaiHarbour Users138
Google Group MessagesRegex don't function correctly?06/06/2019 12:32:51 AM6112Victor Casajuana MasHarbour Users45
Google Group Messages@ ... SAY .. GET ... READ for the web !!! (mod_harbour)06/05/2019 09:00:39 AM7177Antonio LinaresHarbour Users46
Google Group Messagesmod_harbour/Apache (harbour) vs xbscript/IIS (xharbour)06/05/2019 02:22:13 AM173Claude RoettgersHarbour Users45
Google Group Messagesmod_harbour for Windows 64 server, Windows 7, etc.06/04/2019 10:12:57 AM2101Antonio LinaresHarbour Users46
Google Group MessagesVery nice mod_harbour app for the phone !!!06/04/2019 03:12:04 AM5243Antonio LinaresHarbour Users48
Google Group MessagesCombining Harbour code and mod_harbour TEMPLATEs06/03/2019 12:18:47 AM2109Antonio LinaresHarbour Users48
Google Group MessagesSoftware Runs Slow in Network PC06/02/2019 10:30:52 PM13336Swaroop JoshiHarbour Users73
Google Group Messagesdefine, translate, xtranslate good usage06/02/2019 02:57:33 AM164Luigi FerrarisHarbour Users48
Google Group MessagesSending JSON data to REST web service06/01/2019 10:29:34 PM6226dako simoHarbour Users72
Google Group MessagesNew mod_harbour build with very powerfull command TEMPLATE support06/01/2019 05:21:54 AM195Antonio LinaresHarbour Users49
Google Group MessagesProblem with OLE and InternetExplorer05/30/2019 11:35:33 AM4146Jacek K.Harbour Users52
Google Group MessagesVS Code Breakpoints05/30/2019 06:34:51 AM280AshHarbour Users51
Google Group MessagesFunction to check filename validity05/30/2019 03:59:19 AM9174PeteHarbour Users53
Google Group MessagesMod_harbour Error: failed to load hb_apache()05/29/2019 11:49:56 PM298JayadevHarbour Users52
Google Group Messagesubuntu 18.04 lts, harbour 3.4, hwgui 2.22 b4, processing events on status bar05/29/2019 11:47:43 PM153Domenico D'OriaHarbour Users52
Google Group MessagesRe: [harbour-users] How to embedded thousands line in my code without read/write in disk ?05/29/2019 09:44:45 AM5165fperilloHarbour Users53
Google Group MessagesFoxPro to Harbour...05/27/2019 11:01:59 AM8598Michael GreenHarbour Users927
Google Group MessagesProblem setting font for printing with HwGui05/27/2019 02:36:18 AM692RajkoHarbour Users55
Google Group MessagesHarbour the web is finally here !!!05/26/2019 03:46:52 PM16243Antonio LinaresHarbour Users56
Google Group MessagesExists any command like TEXT TO VAR ?05/25/2019 11:53:33 AM8133VladHarbour Users57
Google Group Messages[Tip] Libcurl support in Ubuntu 16/1805/24/2019 09:08:22 AM268VladHarbour Users59
Google Group MessagesDebug Harbour in Visual Studio Code with Antonino Perricone Extension05/24/2019 02:26:03 AM6189Victor Casajuana MasHarbour Users60
Google Group MessagesHarbour Prinring05/23/2019 05:10:40 PM8225Yugo TurboHarbour Users62
Google Group MessagesLength fieldname longer than 1005/22/2019 08:45:51 PM5116ThiarnronHarbour Users59
Google Group MessagesResearch for new harbour.wiki article on the actual Harbour compiler source code05/22/2019 07:04:10 AM2128Eric LendvaiHarbour Users60
Google Group MessagesProblemas con función INT() Harbour 3.05/21/2019 11:45:22 PM4109Daniel L. StuardoHarbour Users64
Google Group Messagesharbour.wiki, added section about "Snippets" to the article "Developing and Debugging Harbour Programs with VSCODE (Visual Studio Code)"05/21/2019 11:33:44 PM148Eric LendvaiHarbour Users60
Google Group MessagesNeed help to compile & build using Harbour05/21/2019 02:44:21 AM694Arifin SukardiHarbour Users61
Google Group MessagesStrange problem executing files from c:\windows\system32, even hb_vfExists() returns .f.05/21/2019 02:03:21 AM10224Miroslav GeorgievHarbour Users329
Google Group MessagesFile functions do not work on Windows\System32 folder05/21/2019 02:02:52 AM4137Mauricio Ventura FariaHarbour Users100
Google Group Messagescourtesly test this modified source on different OS and flavours05/21/2019 01:11:23 AM12100Domenico D'OriaHarbour Users64
Google Group MessagesLetoDBf and SET PRINTER command05/20/2019 10:26:54 PM6181cod...@outlook.comHarbour Users188
Google Group MessagesPossible search for a value text contained in all dbf in a folder05/20/2019 12:21:15 PM345Massimo BelgranoHarbour Users61
Google Group MessagesRunning Harbour on Crostini Linux. Any experiences.05/20/2019 10:50:03 AM9105J MullerHarbour Users63
Google Group MessagesLetoDBf on internet05/20/2019 09:32:49 AM360gvar...@hotmail.comHarbour Users61
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