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Google Group MessagesSQL Server COPY TO .csv Fail niwth NULL value02/21/2020 06:32:11 PM1087Sylvain LarcheHarbour Users24
Google Group Messageshbrun vs hbmk202/21/2020 12:34:32 PM331Marcel GascoyneHarbour Users0
Google Group MessagesEvitar misma aplicación en 2 instancias / Avoid same application in 2 instances02/21/2020 12:32:54 PM14118Rhoy ChavesHarbour Users2
Google Group MessagesThe future of Harbour02/21/2020 09:22:15 AM1032557Eric LendvaiHarbour Users78
Google Group MessagesHow to get list of processes in Linux02/21/2020 08:46:27 AM338Eric LendvaiHarbour Users0
Google Group Messagesreading command line 'switches' in Harbour?02/21/2020 06:40:02 AM663Michael GreenHarbour Users1
Google Group Messagesharbour and window 10X02/21/2020 02:44:20 AM118Massimo BelgranoHarbour Developers0
Google Group Messagessetmode() with gtwgG. An odd result.02/21/2020 02:35:37 AM110mstuff kstuffHarbour Developers0
Google Group Messages[Tip] Libcurl support in Ubuntu 16/1802/20/2020 01:47:21 AM3107VladHarbour Users275
Google Group MessagesFastCGI web development for harbour is finally here - more than 20 times faster than CGI02/20/2020 01:25:45 AM11511Eric LendvaiHarbour Users87
Google Group MessagesHow I can use de Windows APIs with Harbour?02/19/2020 05:37:33 PM14190Rhoy ChavesHarbour Users4
Google Group MessagesStep-by-Step Build Harbour from Linux(eg. Ubuntu 18.04.3)02/19/2020 08:37:47 AM144Diego FHarbour Users2
Google Group Messages[ LetoDBf ] Github Account - Write Access02/18/2020 06:32:27 PM168Pritpal BediHarbour Users3
Google Group MessagesRC Source to HTML question02/18/2020 08:54:45 AM7206jan.s...@grecoavalon.comHarbour Users9
Google Group Messagesthreads timeout from mod_harbour02/17/2020 10:43:25 PM153Antonio LinaresHarbour Users4
Google Group Messageshow to download []bytes in pdf02/17/2020 08:43:05 PM3103Vikram ChhajerHarbour Users7
Google Group MessagesHMAC_SHA25602/17/2020 02:43:14 PM144RobbHarbour Users4
Google Group MessagesWhat code page should I use for HPDFPRINT, so that there are Polish characters?02/17/2020 09:25:30 AM139Krzysztof StankiewiczHarbour Users4
Google Group Messagesharbour.pl/docs02/16/2020 08:44:06 PM16285Rafal JopekHarbour Users15
Google Group MessagesSen e-mail02/16/2020 05:28:50 PM261Krzysztof StankiewiczHarbour Users5
Google Group MessagesWhat are the FTP Support tools in HARBOUR02/16/2020 01:15:19 PM369SHAJI THOMASHarbour Users5
Google Group MessagesPlease visit : Harbour and MySQL and more02/16/2020 09:12:23 AM164MSDNHarbour Users5
Google Group MessagesNetware + Harbour (CA-TOOLS of Clipper)02/16/2020 06:27:39 AM5162Rhoy ChavesHarbour Users11
Google Group MessagesI search client files for Advantege Database Server 8.0 Please help :) for Harbour 2.0 or 3.202/15/2020 11:43:43 AM39554Magdalena....from PolandHarbour Users342
Google Group MessagesGenesis is ready.02/15/2020 10:46:45 AM164Charly 9000Harbour Users6
Google Group Messagesworking with OLE (WinIE)02/15/2020 04:15:42 AM143SHAJI THOMASHarbour Users6
Google Group MessagesTablet mode02/14/2020 10:17:52 AM3127FranzHarbour Users15
Google Group MessagesAnunciando los servidores mod_harbour !02/14/2020 06:05:55 AM7186Antonio LinaresHarbour Users12
Google Group MessagesIs it possible to include an external file ( dbf / png ) on non-windows?02/13/2020 04:57:58 PM387Zsolt PalotaiHarbour Users8
Google Group MessagesAutoFill in Excel from Harbour02/13/2020 10:35:06 AM284homarHarbour Users11
Google Group Messageshb_pread() question02/11/2020 10:09:56 PM7188Ron ChristieHarbour Users12
Google Group MessagesNo more answer for hwgui02/11/2020 09:41:39 AM3107Alain AupeixHarbour Users10
Google Group MessagesHarbour 3.2 has been updated to version R(2002101434) and is available for download from whosaway.com02/10/2020 08:56:33 AM163Mel SmithHarbour Users11
Google Group MessagesThreads different behavior on Windows and Linux02/10/2020 02:00:10 AM367Antonio LinaresHarbour Developers12
Google Group MessagesCompile error: rddads.lib02/09/2020 10:13:11 PM364Rhoy ChavesHarbour Users13
Google Group MessagesAnnouncing the mod_harbour servers !02/09/2020 09:29:57 PM159Antonio LinaresHarbour Users12
Google Group Messages 02/09/2020 06:23:16 PM335JagadeesanHarbour Users12
Google Group MessagesHow to POST multidimensional array data with cURL include file02/07/2020 03:44:04 PM7316GMHarbour Users228
Google Group MessagesMi primera compilación (AYUDA)02/07/2020 03:18:47 PM4151Rhoy ChavesHarbour Users21
Google Group MessagesRe: Comando para agregar ADS con Harbour02/07/2020 11:20:12 AM439carloskdsHarbour Users14
Google Group MessagesSe busca programador Clipper/Harbour para COSTA RICA!02/06/2020 08:00:24 PM4141Rhoy ChavesHarbour Users16
Google Group Messagesharbour.pl/vxh-docs02/06/2020 12:09:57 PM140Rafal JopekHarbour Users15
Google Group MessagesHarbour in Samsung J7 Neo02/06/2020 11:54:24 AM154Itamar LinsHarbour Users15
Google Group MessagesHarbour 3.2 has been Updated to version R(2002051025) and can be downloaded from whosaway.com02/06/2020 10:21:25 AM145Mel SmithHarbour Users15
Google Group MessagesRead/write XLS without OLE02/06/2020 07:10:08 AM902756RandyHarbour Users2888
Google Group MessagesLet's see who is the oldest and the youngest programmer.02/06/2020 06:19:03 AM831032Carlos Alberto HarbourHarbour Users33
Google Group MessagesNo se encuentra el ordinal 509 en la biblioteca de vnculos dinámicos (ADS / RDDADS)02/05/2020 06:59:17 AM477Rhoy ChavesHarbour Users17
Google Group MessagesError while building harbour with latest watcom02/05/2020 04:43:53 AM366Alexey MyronenkoHarbour Developers18
Google Group MessagesHarbour 3.2 has been Updated to version R(2002042012) and is available to Download from whosaway.com02/04/2020 09:47:12 PM146Mel SmithHarbour Users17
Google Group MessagesRequest to include LetoDBf fork in Harbour Repository02/04/2020 04:30:36 PM6111AshHarbour Developers18
Google Group MessagesHow to send mail from harbour code02/04/2020 02:23:01 PM4120Vikram ChhajerHarbour Users17
Google Group MessagesHBFormat Issues02/04/2020 10:48:14 AM295AshHarbour Users20
Google Group Messagestrying to get TONE() to work in hb3.402/04/2020 10:24:36 AM6183mstuff kstuffHarbour Users63
Google Group MessagesDependency errors when building on Linux 64bit.02/04/2020 02:27:08 AM563Adriano da SilvaHarbour Developers22
Google Group Messagesconsulta HB_GTI_FONTNAME02/04/2020 01:36:43 AM678Daniel AisenbergHarbour Users20
Google Group MessagesCorruption in OLE structures02/04/2020 12:14:41 AM4169xamm-infHarbour Users1030
Google Group MessagesHWGUI Designer - An experiment02/03/2020 05:37:57 PM34611AshHarbour Users45
Google Group MessagesError building Harbour with MinGW 8.1 64 bits02/03/2020 12:23:41 PM7104BaxajaunHarbour Users19
Google Group MessagesHarbour 3.2 has been updated to version R(2002031213) and is available for Download02/03/2020 09:30:51 AM147Mel SmithHarbour Users18
Google Group Messagesdetailed excel help for harbour02/03/2020 05:43:23 AM368VSHarbour Users18
Google Group Messages2020-02-03 13:13 UTC+0100 Aleksander Czajczynski (hb fki.pl)02/03/2020 05:23:49 AM269Aleksander CzajczynskiHarbour Developers18
Google Group MessagesThe Harbour Playground v202/01/2020 01:28:21 PM190Aleksander CzajczynskiHarbour Developers20
Google Group Messages[Tips] Code Editor: Formatted code02/01/2020 01:02:01 PM171HurricaneHarbour Users20
Google Group MessagesFuture development and bug02/01/2020 04:46:51 AM398tarpauwatratarHarbour Developers21
Google Group MessagesComo construir Harbour 64 bit para windows01/31/2020 11:13:09 AM246ManuHarbour Developers21
Google Group MessagesHow to decode json01/31/2020 11:11:38 AM266Vikram ChhajerHarbour Users21
Google Group MessagesHarbour 3.2 has been Updated an is available for download01/31/2020 09:06:19 AM264Mel SmithHarbour Users21
Google Group MessagesUnrecoverable error 6004: Internal error: size of dynamic symbol table exceed01/31/2020 07:32:37 AM8328zbiantHarbour Users1072
Google Group Messagesread without space from a text variable01/31/2020 06:35:19 AM6108Koshal AgarwalHarbour Users25
Google Group Messagesmod_harbour official url01/30/2020 11:09:10 AM3161Antonio LinaresHarbour Users23
Google Group Messageshbmk2 hbp file to build mod_harbour for Linux01/30/2020 09:52:00 AM6105Antonio LinaresHarbour Users23
Google Group Messagesharbour and ldap...01/29/2020 10:09:56 AM166fperilloHarbour Users23
Google Group Messagesdebian busty amd64, gcc 8.3.0-2, harbour 3.2 r1902111251 make, make-install compiling report01/29/2020 04:08:08 AM2105Domenico D'OriaHarbour Users345
Google Group MessagesMinGW 9.2.0 64-bit available as a binary download from whosaway.com01/28/2020 05:30:00 PM496Mel SmithHarbour Users26
Google Group MessagesOPENSSL 1.0 is obsolete. Harbour 3.2 is not compatible with newer OPENSSL versions01/28/2020 02:53:48 AM5200ReinaldoHarbour Users472
Google Group MessagesDamerauLevenshtein distance01/28/2020 02:04:24 AM150tarpauwatratarHarbour Users24
Google Group MessagesForms01/26/2020 02:50:21 PM3156tarpauwatratarHarbour Users28
Google Group MessagesUtf8 Upper01/26/2020 02:17:47 PM351Itamar LinsHarbour Users26
Google Group MessagesNew FastCGI Harbour - Local Sandbox example01/26/2020 09:46:34 AM3187Eric LendvaiHarbour Users30
Google Group MessagesInclude binary files in EXE and TEXT INTO 01/24/2020 09:14:25 PM18271Eric LendvaiHarbour Users33
Google Group MessagesFastCGI with Harbour, now that is some speed!01/24/2020 01:50:49 AM4182Eric LendvaiHarbour Users30
Google Group MessagesFASTCGI with harbour 3.4 problem01/23/2020 11:34:18 PM296Domenico D'OriaHarbour Users30
Google Group Messagesfirmar XML con x50901/23/2020 11:09:32 AM3136Eduardo Flores RivasHarbour Users184
Google Group MessagesCase Insensitive StrTran and StrReplace01/23/2020 09:27:44 AM6138Eric LendvaiHarbour Users30
Google Group Messagesexport xls (format BIFF2)01/22/2020 06:29:00 PM158Paola BruccoleriHarbour Users30
Google Group Messagesinteger random number strategy01/22/2020 08:03:42 AM364Luigi FerrarisHarbour Users30
Google Group Messageslibgui - Harbour library for console apps development01/22/2020 04:43:29 AM2105tarpauwatratarHarbour Users30
Google Group MessagesSubString count01/21/2020 10:58:58 PM4103Gilbert KarweruHarbour Users31
Google Group MessagesHarbour System Capacities01/21/2020 01:35:31 PM11400Eric LendvaiHarbour Users47
Google Group MessagesHarbour 3.2 has been updated and is available for download01/20/2020 05:47:47 PM5273Mel SmithHarbour Users39
Google Group MessagesFreeBSD Port Marked Broken01/20/2020 12:01:40 PM136dokpm0Harbour Users32
Google Group MessagesFull Screen01/20/2020 11:46:40 AM3109Giovanni Di MariaHarbour Users32
Google Group MessagesDecompiling an .hrb module01/20/2020 04:59:41 AM156EmmerHarbour Users32
Google Group MessagesRe: [harbour-users] Re: Set code page on hbrun01/20/2020 04:29:00 AM244Maurizio la CeciliaHarbour Users32
Google Group MessagesLooking for an automated testing tool for a DOS/Harbour application01/19/2020 05:54:36 PM266dougHarbour Users33
Google Group MessagesFastreport for Harbour01/19/2020 12:31:45 PM9497Jason AthraxHarbour Users487
Google Group MessagesSet code page on hbrun01/17/2020 08:04:07 PM29Itamar LinsHarbour Users35
Google Group MessagesTemporary index are not so temporary01/17/2020 12:05:07 AM3149Antonino PerriconeHarbour Users37
Google Group MessagesHarbour list on GitHub01/16/2020 03:02:30 PM24662Rafal JopekHarbour Users803
Google Group MessagesError generating Harbour 3.2 LastUpdate.01/15/2020 10:48:16 AM158Roberto BorgesHarbour Users37
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