There are two methods for viewing the Harbour API.
In our reference material, the term API refers to Functions, Procedures, Class, Typedef …

1. The first method is to use the "Harbour Documentation Explorer". This is our attempt in organizing all the material via a tree of topics.

2. The second method is to use the "Harbour Source Code Explorer". This methods will allow you to browse the entire open source code of the Harbour compiler and contribs directly.

Most API (functions) description comes from Same content license applies.
Since the documentation is the result of an actual Harbour compiler source code scrapping process, this interface will allow you to see how each API is actually implemented.
Special thanks to Antonio Linares in helping to organize the structure used in the "Harbour Documentation Explorer".
This is still a work in progress!
We will also soon be able to link articles to specific documentation topics.
All the content of the documentation (stored in free tables), will be made available as compressed downloads.

If you are interested in contributing to this project, please use the "Contact Us" option.