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Google Group Messagesread a file inside a .zip05/14/2020 08:41:49 AM17John SalazarHarbour Users19
Google Group MessagesHarbour and SQL: help build a a list05/14/2020 07:49:16 AM110fperilloHarbour Users19
Google Group MessagesOracle05/13/2020 10:35:22 AM143Fernando CamargoHarbour Users20
Google Group MessagesFw: Tdolphing MySql y Harbour05/13/2020 09:02:53 AM5176wanst...@gmail.comHarbour Users3553
Google Group MessagesMQTT05/13/2020 08:31:57 AM4207ohaldiHarbour Users157
Google Group MessagesHarbour debugger bug05/13/2020 06:45:43 AM125Nenad BatocaninHarbour Users20
Google Group MessagesIs there a way to prevent an initial line feed, in SET ALTERNATE?05/13/2020 02:11:32 AM677HBQuerierHarbour Users21
Google Group MessagesRe: [harbour] Digest for harbou...@googlegroups.com - 1 update in 1 topic05/12/2020 10:51:45 PM11StuparHarbour Developers21
Google Group MessagesMQTT protocol05/12/2020 02:33:16 PM4140Giovanni Di MariaHarbour Users26
Google Group MessagesSuggest a GUI for harbour 3.205/12/2020 01:24:59 PM23569SHAJI THOMASHarbour Users30
Google Group MessagesHarbour in WSL?05/12/2020 10:41:29 AM251J MullerHarbour Users21
Google Group MessagesIs there an existing Excel library for Harbour?05/12/2020 09:21:56 AM11224HBQuerierHarbour Users26
Google Group MessagesHARBOUR IS GREAT !!!05/12/2020 08:01:55 AM7205Giovanni Di MariaHarbour Users26
Google Group MessagesFeature request from harbour 3.4 hbmk205/11/2020 09:42:43 PM150Itamar LinsHarbour Developers22
Google Group Messagesmaximized option not working with GTWVG05/11/2020 09:24:58 PM372SHAJI THOMASHarbour Users22
Google Group MessagesDBF file format problem: DBFs created with Harbour cannot be read by Java application05/11/2020 04:49:05 PM276John WardHarbour Users22
Google Group MessagesWhat's the best way to check if a string is one of the United States?05/11/2020 02:39:33 PM260HBQuerierHarbour Users22
Google Group MessagesHarbour bug???05/11/2020 11:47:23 AM17230José QuintasHarbour Users27
Google Group Messagesinclude files C path05/11/2020 10:08:36 AM259Bernard MouilleHarbour Users23
Google Group Messagesprint to windows from console mode05/11/2020 09:26:19 AM247Claudio A CalvoHarbour Users22
Google Group Messagesnew CurlFile in Harbour05/11/2020 03:29:20 AM5229Victor Casajuana MasHarbour Users41
Google Group MessagesCREATEOBJECT( "Excel.Application" ) and Hyperlinks05/11/2020 01:20:38 AM456poopallHarbour Users23
Google Group MessagesNew controls on GTWVG05/10/2020 07:37:00 PM260José QuintasHarbour Users23
Google Group Messagesgraphic library Using WIN but need WVT05/10/2020 04:50:35 PM3100Jorge GarateHarbour Users26
Google Group Messageshb_ZipFile() - hb_zipFileCreate()05/10/2020 03:45:15 PM9124Claudio A CalvoHarbour Users26
Google Group MessagesPlease request Harbour support for next GitHub Codespaces !!!05/10/2020 12:34:59 PM17232Antonio LinaresHarbour Users26
Google Group MessagesHarbour on AS/40005/10/2020 09:25:20 AM2135Aleksander CzajczynskiHarbour Developers71
Google Group Messagesmod_harbour installer - feedback appreciated05/10/2020 07:01:41 AM247Antonio LinaresHarbour Users23
Google Group MessagesReplace aging Intermec CK30 Mobile Handhelds05/09/2020 12:34:14 PM128AshHarbour Users24
Google Group MessagesBest way to migrate from console to graphical mode?05/09/2020 04:44:41 AM10372Rhoy ChavesHarbour Users42
Google Group MessagesDrop Box05/08/2020 05:51:54 AM19480Vikram ChhajerHarbour Users50
Google Group Messages(Very) old Harbour version and Mediator05/08/2020 01:33:19 AM15322philippe...@gmail.comHarbour Users400
Google Group Messagestrying Harbour Mod05/07/2020 11:17:40 PM6156FranzHarbour Users28
Google Group MessagesGBro - xBase files management utility05/07/2020 01:32:14 PM801573SrdanHarbour Users832
Google Group Messageswin_PrintDlgDC number of copies?05/07/2020 09:49:11 AM131AndrejaHarbour Users26
Google Group MessagesHarbour 64 bits built using BCC 64 automatically from GitHub Actions05/06/2020 10:49:30 PM147Antonio LinaresHarbour Users27
Google Group MessagesHarbour websocket server05/06/2020 03:48:28 AM12383Antonio LinaresHarbour Users45
Google Group MessagesMostly OT: Can hbmk2.exe be used for xHarbour too ?05/05/2020 10:35:19 PM573Mel SmithHarbour Users28
Google Group Messagesruntime error05/05/2020 10:02:18 AM792Claudio A CalvoHarbour Users29
Google Group MessagesHarbour + Cobol problem printing05/05/2020 09:48:56 AM8173Ignacio BisiHarbour Users31
Google Group MessagesConnect to MSSQL using ODBC/TODBC (Linux)05/05/2020 07:21:32 AM591jparadaHarbour Users29
Google Group MessagesSearching a list of files in a folder and subfolders05/04/2020 07:12:55 AM10162HBQuerierHarbour Users34
Google Group MessagesENC: [oohg] Imprimir arquivo pdf - Print pdf file05/04/2020 05:44:38 AM5155Marcelo Antonio Lázzaro CarliHarbour Users35
Google Group MessagesHow compile a prg for Android05/03/2020 01:47:13 PM163unet corp.Harbour Users30
Google Group MessagesOT?: ADO + Harbour Group05/03/2020 11:05:06 AM158David FieldHarbour Users30
Google Group MessagesSending javascript objects (low level, client side) to Harbour hashes (high level, server side)05/02/2020 02:13:51 AM164Antonio LinaresHarbour Users31
Google Group MessagesHow to send semigraphic code to Windows from Harbour ?05/02/2020 12:52:50 AM6156Michael PolandHarbour Users34
Google Group MessagesAutomatically building Harbour and mod_harbour from GitHub Actions !!!05/01/2020 08:59:06 AM6111Antonio LinaresHarbour Users33
Google Group Messageshb_complier reports wrong MingW Version05/01/2020 04:25:49 AM493JayadevHarbour Users35
Google Group MessagesTroubles making a 64 bit app.04/29/2020 02:56:18 PM476flicker177Harbour Users34
Google Group MessagesTOPAZ SigLib Library04/29/2020 10:40:12 AM566jan.s...@grecoavalon.comHarbour Users34
Google Group MessagesExe Block04/29/2020 07:34:48 AM477kamleh patelHarbour Users35
Google Group MessagesNew mod_harbour build with PRGs into HRBs automatic cache !!!04/27/2020 04:35:30 PM2139Antonio LinaresHarbour Users36
Google Group Messagesconvert bin encoded real to harbour numeric04/27/2020 08:07:36 AM152KristianHarbour Users36
Google Group MessagesGood Time to spend for harbour due to CORONA VIRUS04/27/2020 05:14:50 AM3123Shyam LimbachiaHarbour Users39
Google Group Messages[off topic] update designer04/26/2020 07:48:20 PM153Ivanil MarcelinoHarbour Users37
Google Group Messageshb_compiler does not show correct MingW version04/26/2020 10:03:33 AM757JayadevHarbour Users37
Google Group MessagesM6 and Comix for Harbour04/26/2020 07:47:07 AM166Gerald DrouillardHarbour Users37
Google Group MessagesFTP explicit port04/25/2020 09:19:02 AM154Eduardo Flores RivasHarbour Users38
Google Group MessagesHow to check OS version and link speed in HB ?04/25/2020 12:14:22 AM12204Michael PolandHarbour Users43
Google Group MessagesI need to do tcpip communication between computer and register cash04/23/2020 09:27:56 AM2139Marek Olszewski "MOL"Harbour Users41
Google Group MessagesPreprocessor directives04/23/2020 01:42:40 AM6121Roberto ChiaieseHarbour Users41
Google Group MessagesGoogle Drive Api04/22/2020 05:31:52 PM178Vikram ChhajerHarbour Users41
Google Group MessagesRe: Help with Harbour error04/22/2020 01:00:50 AM2119druzusHarbour Users42
Google Group MessagesDistinguish between Inkey code for and and and 04/21/2020 12:12:52 PM15313JayadevHarbour Users1628
Google Group MessagesWhat change to generate hbqt?04/21/2020 10:30:47 AM3115"José M. C. Quintas"Harbour Users2717
Google Group MessagesHOW Compile Harbour in Linux Mint04/21/2020 03:16:52 AM7183hherreraHarbour Users426
Google Group MessagesgtQT04/21/2020 02:05:41 AM222SrdanHarbour Users42
Google Group Messages[off topic] Group created to deal with matters exclusive to the Designer for Minigui04/20/2020 04:14:29 PM150Ivanil MarcelinoHarbour Users43
Google Group MessagesHarbour 3.2 Build r(2004201301) is available to download from whosaway.com04/20/2020 08:55:37 AM146Mel SmithHarbour Users43
Google Group MessagesK_LDBLCLK04/20/2020 01:09:04 AM152SrdanHarbour Users43
Google Group MessagesDoubt about ZIP 32 bits04/19/2020 03:21:32 PM271José QuintasHarbour Users45
Google Group MessagesHarbour 3.2 Build r(2004191400) is available to download from whosaway.com04/19/2020 03:17:27 PM143Mel SmithHarbour Users44
Google Group MessagesChange app from 32-bit to 64-bit ?04/19/2020 09:36:27 AM5102Mel SmithHarbour Users45
Google Group Messages64-bit MinGW 9.3.0 download simplified04/18/2020 07:40:36 AM167Mel SmithHarbour Users45
Google Group MessagesMENU, POPUP and POPUP of POPUP --- HBDbMenu class04/18/2020 04:27:53 AM12SrdanHarbour Users45
Google Group MessagesHow TO04/18/2020 12:00:09 AM3102Rafal JopekHarbour Users46
Google Group MessagesPath to HbQt04/17/2020 12:58:26 PM16297UmbromancerHarbour Users68
Google Group Messagesinstructivo actualización04/17/2020 12:13:22 PM243Daniel AisenbergHarbour Users46
Google Group Messagesliteral date type04/17/2020 06:41:22 AM6107CVHarbour Users48
Google Group MessagesHow to speed a treatment using memoline ?04/16/2020 02:49:51 PM8182Alain AupeixHarbour Users49
Google Group Messageswin_oleCreateObject liberar objecto04/16/2020 11:36:25 AM241Daniel AisenbergHarbour Users47
Google Group MessagesRead/write XLSX without OLE04/15/2020 10:38:37 PM5263SrdanHarbour Users48
Google Group Messagesusar curl en harbour04/15/2020 08:06:49 PM257Daniel AisenbergHarbour Users48
Google Group MessagesWindows 10 19.09 and 2020 updates04/15/2020 12:20:38 PM486José QuintasHarbour Users48
Google Group MessagesIs there a way to call class private method?04/15/2020 11:29:58 AM378dmajkicHarbour Users49
Google Group Messageshow To save qrcode to Bitmap04/15/2020 09:08:04 AM4184Vikram ChhajerHarbour Users254
Google Group Messagesreferencia a hbcurl.hbp04/14/2020 02:14:47 PM141Daniel AisenbergHarbour Users49
Google Group MessagesEditor for Harbour 3.2 sample programs04/13/2020 11:46:31 PM13232SHAJI THOMASHarbour Users53
Google Group MessagesHarbour lib to C04/13/2020 11:25:10 PM9300Adam BerentHarbour Users58
Google Group MessagesWild2RegEx replacement04/13/2020 09:19:53 PM5112CVHarbour Users53
Google Group Messageswin_oleCreateObject04/13/2020 04:45:29 PM270Jose MataHarbour Users56
Google Group MessagesSending emails from the program04/13/2020 11:17:52 AM19379Krzysztof StankiewiczHarbour Users63
Google Group MessagesA little macro bug involving hbformat04/13/2020 11:16:38 AM457flicker177Harbour Users50
Google Group Messagestimer en aplicacación de consola04/12/2020 08:50:31 PM252Daniel AisenbergHarbour Users51
Google Group Messagesundefined reference to `HB_FUN_[functioname]04/12/2020 08:35:02 AM358Claudio A CalvoHarbour Users52
Google Group Messageshbide uses the standard Clipper/Harbour GET system04/12/2020 03:42:12 AM12144Antonio LinaresHarbour Users52
Google Group MessagesAssign a value to wapi_StartDoc() parameter - lpszDocName04/10/2020 08:06:30 AM142SHAJI THOMASHarbour Users53
Google Group MessagesHarbour Procedure Return Value04/09/2020 05:45:12 AM6116Nikos ChristophiHarbour Users55
Google Group Messages[harbour-users] Exception Code:C0000005 ACCESS_VIOLATION04/09/2020 01:14:52 AM382ronaldo batista limaHarbour Users55
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