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Google Group MessagesBetter Database with less changes in program11/17/2019 04:27:35 AM11SHAJI THOMASHarbour Users2
Google Group MessagesCreate exe file (Windows) from Linux11/17/2019 02:08:30 AM424SrdjanHarbour Users3
Google Group Messageshow to send json with url11/16/2019 10:18:32 PM29181Vikram ChhajerHarbour Users11
Google Group MessagesWork with ADO static recordset11/16/2019 01:23:56 PM19José M. C. QuintasHarbour Users3
Google Group MessagesDBFCDX Database is very slow over Network11/15/2019 01:11:11 PM12153AnupamHarbour Users6
Google Group Messagesusing VScode counter extension11/15/2019 11:19:47 AM117José Luis Sánchez NavarroHarbour Users4
Google Group Messageshbmk2, hbp: exe don't load11/15/2019 07:47:41 AM467Paola BruccoleriHarbour Users5
Google Group MessagesWhosAway.com11/15/2019 06:17:47 AM467Fernando YurisichHarbour Users5
Google Group MessagesHAW KNOW IF ONE PROGRAM IS RUNNING11/15/2019 01:32:35 AM373Rosario GiuffréHarbour Users5
Google Group MessagesError reindexing using macro11/14/2019 09:40:46 AM666Alain AupeixHarbour Users5
Google Group MessagesSoftware Runs Slow in Network PC11/14/2019 09:02:17 AM15433Swaroop JoshiHarbour Users195
Google Group Messagessetting "set deleted on" on individual files basis instead of global11/13/2019 02:41:20 PM494Miroslav GeorgievHarbour Users772
Google Group MessagesDBF Compare Program11/13/2019 03:09:48 AM3148AshHarbour Users18
Google Group Messageshow to upload a file to dropbox11/12/2019 10:20:18 AM151Vikram ChhajerHarbour Users7
Google Group MessagesDebugger with Harbour4311/12/2019 05:49:44 AM295Philippe MorchainHarbour Users13
Google Group MessagesNeed assistance resolving link error: undefined reference to `hb_stackGetRecoverBase()11/12/2019 04:23:25 AM30297dougHarbour Users20
Google Group Messagesproblem with win_PrintDataRaw() in Harbour 3.0.0 (32 bit)11/11/2019 07:11:05 PM471SHAJI THOMASHarbour Users8
Google Group Messagesdbedit()11/11/2019 03:12:36 PM4145Koshal AgarwalHarbour Users12
Google Group Messageslibpng malformed archive11/11/2019 05:38:59 AM23362Maurizio la CeciliaHarbour Developers790
Google Group Messages[DevClub-Tips] HASH, Operator send message11/09/2019 11:09:42 AM150HurricaneHarbour Users10
Google Group MessagesImport Data from json to dbf11/09/2019 09:17:20 AM25218Vikram ChhajerHarbour Users31
Google Group Messageshow to import response from command line to a text file11/09/2019 08:39:56 AM355Vikram ChhajerHarbour Users10
Google Group MessagesHow to Upload to google drive11/08/2019 10:30:41 PM145Vikram ChhajerHarbour Users11
Google Group MessagesWITH OBJECT don't translate codeblock content11/08/2019 10:01:22 AM873José M. C. QuintasHarbour Users12
Google Group MessagesProblem with TIPClientHTTP11/07/2019 01:54:15 PM242Cristian FrancolinoHarbour Users12
Google Group MessagesMay be an error in the preprocessor?11/07/2019 04:01:59 AM491Gustavo GonzálezHarbour Users13
Google Group MessagesHbnetIO - Is possible to change on the fly ?11/06/2019 07:15:10 PM142Pritpal BediHarbour Developers13
Google Group MessagesSTRTRAN BUG?11/06/2019 04:29:11 PM13202Serge GirardHarbour Users1157
Google Group Messagesstrange screen11/06/2019 05:33:49 AM565Antonio CardinauxHarbour Users13
Google Group MessagesExtended key code11/06/2019 04:17:11 AM2166alkresinHarbour Developers125
Google Group MessagesLETO11/06/2019 03:29:26 AM149Juan Manuel Del ValleHarbour Users13
Google Group MessagesGTWVW and no EN keyboard code page11/05/2019 07:23:16 PM264Evlogi RusevHarbour Users14
Google Group Messageswhosaway.com is offline with a hardware/network problem until further notice11/05/2019 06:00:23 AM3122Mel SmithHarbour Users26
Google Group MessagesNeed assistance resolving a link error when trying to build debug version of m y program - including debugger.prg - undefined reference to `hb_stackGetRecoverBase()11/04/2019 04:35:31 PM365dougHarbour Developers20
Google Group MessagesNightly binaries - mingw32-make.exe absent11/01/2019 04:31:21 AM146alkresinHarbour Developers18
Google Group MessagesVS Code using UTF-8 vs CP43710/31/2019 06:02:03 PM10166PeterHarbour Users33
Google Group MessagesNew article on harbour.wiki - Developing and Debugging Harbour Programs with VSCODE10/30/2019 03:51:38 PM30760Eric LendvaiHarbour Users215
Google Group MessagesText2gdi.prg change SET UNITS10/30/2019 11:13:59 AM149Feror49Harbour Users20
Google Group MessagesMost Popular Programming Languages 1965 - 201910/30/2019 03:46:31 AM299PeteHarbour Users20
Google Group MessagesInvestigadores: Convocamos al mundo del conocimiento a ponerse a disposición de la agenda social de Chile10/29/2019 12:49:22 PM410daniel...@gmail.comHarbour Users21
Google Group MessagesRead array Harbour from C10/28/2019 08:35:05 AM3119jparadaHarbour Users24
Google Group MessagesPlease help Unresolved external '_HB_FUN_TSMTP' referenced from E:\3\.HBMK\WIN\BCC\EX_EMAIL.OBJ10/27/2019 12:21:59 PM246Ivan JocicHarbour Users23
Google Group MessagesScope IO10/26/2019 08:12:36 AM2112CarlitusHarbour Users26
Google Group MessagesHow to use colors en xterm-256 or putty?10/25/2019 01:50:56 PM142Luis CardenasHarbour Users25
Google Group MessagesHarbour 3.4 + GTwvw10/25/2019 03:33:50 AM3169MSDNHarbour Users27
Google Group MessagesNew Harbour.wiki10/24/2019 01:54:07 PM10418Eric LendvaiHarbour Users286
Google Group MessagesActive directory authenticate10/23/2019 04:18:37 PM5228Gustavo FidelisHarbour Users1457
Google Group MessagesPreprocesor question10/22/2019 03:26:22 AM3102David FieldHarbour Users29
Google Group MessagesSET SCOPE problem10/21/2019 07:20:20 AM383Nenad BatocaninHarbour Users30
Google Group Messagesgeneral documentation10/20/2019 10:46:55 AM169HurricaneHarbour Users30
Google Group MessagesError While Sending Json Data To Website10/20/2019 10:04:36 AM141Vikram ChhajerHarbour Users30
Google Group MessagesDll's o Lib's externas10/19/2019 09:35:03 AM14274David FieldHarbour Users38
Google Group MessagesUsing hbmk2 to build mod_harbour !!!10/19/2019 06:25:08 AM262Antonio LinaresHarbour Users31
Google Group MessagesPrint | with space10/17/2019 06:42:05 PM5141RaymondHarbour Users35
Google Group MessagesExtract zip File10/17/2019 08:04:19 AM6119Vikram ChhajerHarbour Users34
Google Group MessagesADS ADT ORDKEYVAL() and ORDSCOPE() issue10/16/2019 03:51:15 AM147viktor gumbergHarbour Users34
Google Group Messagesdownload dbfKey10/15/2019 08:49:30 PM159HurricaneHarbour Users35
Google Group MessagesProvision: Windows, Harbour analog10/15/2019 10:10:52 AM9254HBQuerierHarbour Users41
Google Group Messagescontinuous integration10/15/2019 05:14:03 AM3123Paola BruccoleriHarbour Users39
Google Group MessagesHow to Save Qrcode In Bitmap image .10/15/2019 04:00:18 AM262Vikram ChhajerHarbour Users36
Google Group MessagesHBMK2 - Switch to only show errors?10/15/2019 12:19:30 AM565PeterHarbour Users36
Google Group MessagesHarbour users from UK10/14/2019 05:03:50 AM167Antonio LinaresHarbour Users36
Google Group Messagesappimage of harbour apps10/13/2019 07:55:20 AM155J MullerHarbour Users37
Google Group MessagesDevClub - Announcements10/13/2019 06:17:12 AM154HurricaneHarbour Users37
Google Group MessagesVS Code Extension - Function Documentation Format?10/12/2019 11:43:08 AM472PeterHarbour Users39
Google Group Messagesconsulta distorsión pantalla10/12/2019 11:26:15 AM4109Daniel AisenbergHarbour Users45
Google Group MessagesBuilding mod_harbour including contribs libs10/11/2019 11:00:33 PM158Antonio LinaresHarbour Users39
Google Group MessagesUltralight binding for Harbour10/11/2019 07:49:17 AM12455Antonino PerriconeHarbour Users79
Google Group MessagesGetting integral, fractional part of number10/11/2019 06:50:14 AM148Luigi FerrarisHarbour Users39
Google Group MessagesHBMK2.exe is useful as a Make Utility for xHarbour too !10/09/2019 03:01:35 PM3114Mel SmithHarbour Users42
Google Group MessagesLETODBF - How to test if the connection to server is still active?10/09/2019 01:42:52 PM281Marek Olszewski "MOL"Harbour Users41
Google Group MessagesVS Code Debugger Breakpoints10/08/2019 03:44:18 AM12299AshHarbour Users49
Google Group MessagesStartup bug with harbour 3.210/05/2019 03:05:40 AM3113jorge_goiasHarbour Developers46
Google Group MessagesSome problems to use bin2I() and such functions ...10/05/2019 01:29:38 AM291Alain AupeixHarbour Users49
Google Group MessagesNetio as a windows service error.10/03/2019 04:14:31 AM7267Gilbert KarweruHarbour Users152
Google Group Messagesmod_harbour for IIS running on Windows 2012 server R209/29/2019 01:37:36 AM195Antonio LinaresHarbour Users51
Google Group MessagesInitial Harbour logo (ship helm)09/27/2019 11:24:23 PM1113Antonio LinaresHarbour Users53
Google Group Messagesmod_harbour : harbour and apache build fails ...09/27/2019 11:22:19 PM289Alain AupeixHarbour Users53
Google Group MessagesHarbour 3.2 Updated and available for download.09/27/2019 09:45:40 AM299Mel SmithHarbour Users53
Google Group Messageswapi_GetShortPathName(choking) Need a Harbour expert09/25/2019 01:59:14 AM298mstuff kstuffHarbour Users56
Google Group Messageshow To save qrcode to Bitmap09/24/2019 12:09:47 PM3121Vikram ChhajerHarbour Users58
Google Group Messagesnew nightly uploaded09/24/2019 09:16:45 AM3201fperilloHarbour Users57
Google Group MessagesBCC 7.4.0 has replaced BCC 7.3.0 on whosaway.com09/24/2019 07:55:15 AM9389Mel SmithHarbour Users165
Google Group MessagesHarbour progs and DosPrn09/23/2019 03:16:03 AM13386Franz RachbauerHarbour Users67
Google Group MessagesCopy Structure and Index09/23/2019 12:59:07 AM6211FranzHarbour Users65
Google Group MessagesAcrobat Reader FDF and Harbour09/23/2019 12:35:19 AM167FranzHarbour Users57
Google Group MessagesStable version09/22/2019 04:24:26 PM12312Mauricio Ventura FariaHarbour Developers64
Google Group Messageshow to use mysql / sql database instead of dbf file09/22/2019 03:24:16 PM3162Shyam LimbachiaHarbour Users61
Google Group MessagesIs there a 32-bit harbour available for Ubuntu?09/22/2019 09:23:32 AM492HBQuerierHarbour Users61
Google Group Messagesclass inheritance: is there a limit?09/20/2019 03:41:56 AM147Luigi FerrarisHarbour Users60
Google Group Messagestext file to excel file conversion ?09/19/2019 11:02:06 AM580Shyam LimbachiaHarbour Users61
Google Group MessagesUsing dbf on windows mapped drive09/14/2019 03:29:05 AM12281RaymondHarbour Users74
Google Group MessagesLIBPNG For MinGW 8.1.009/13/2019 02:15:56 PM375hherreraHarbour Users67
Google Group MessagesAccess to private members of a class via debugger09/12/2019 02:50:21 PM5112tarpauwatratarHarbour Users70
Google Group MessagesHarbour 3.2 on MS-DOS 6.22 WATCOM 2.0 Beta ERROS09/12/2019 04:35:49 AM262Roberto BorgesHarbour Developers68
Google Group Messagesmod_harbour for Microsoft IIS (very very early prototype)09/11/2019 11:34:20 PM179Antonio LinaresHarbour Users69
Google Group MessagesCan we build a browser for harbor?09/11/2019 10:04:34 AM198Riztan GutierrezHarbour Users69
Google Group MessagesHarbour 3.2 Build Fine in Ms-Dos 6.22(EN) SCREEN09/11/2019 09:59:08 AM162Roberto BorgesHarbour Users69
Google Group MessagesHarbour 3.2 Build Fine in Ms-Dos 6.22(EN) (DJGPP/GCC) 9.209/11/2019 09:56:23 AM143Roberto BorgesHarbour Users69
Google Group MessagesWarnings building Harbour 190911081609/11/2019 06:07:30 AM160Luigi FerrarisHarbour Developers69
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