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Google Group MessagesHarbour lib to C04/06/2020 04:29:16 AM355Adam BerentHarbour Users1
Google Group Messagesmod_harbour news04/06/2020 01:34:22 AM123Antonio LinaresHarbour Users0
Google Group MessagesConversion of xHarbour App to MinGW 9.3 Harbour04/05/2020 03:29:15 PM1195Mel SmithHarbour Users2
Google Group MessagesHost and run your mod_harbour apps (PRGs) from GitHub04/05/2020 02:27:57 PM134Antonio LinaresHarbour Users1
Google Group MessagesCan I transport/embed a font within my prg/exe?04/04/2020 11:22:19 PM255mstuff kstuffHarbour Users2
Google Group MessagesOT : Harbour and Graphic Interface04/04/2020 08:27:16 PM262MSDNHarbour Users2
Google Group MessagesSending emails from the program04/04/2020 05:30:20 AM8142Krzysztof StankiewiczHarbour Users6
Google Group MessagesComputer list (SARS-2)04/03/2020 11:25:56 PM9181AppliserverHarbour Users5
Google Group MessagesCall C# functions from Harbour04/03/2020 01:59:29 PM7172jparadaHarbour Users8
Google Group MessagesLatest commit?04/03/2020 10:09:59 AM8180Alexey MyronenkoHarbour Developers12
Google Group MessagesCOVID-1904/03/2020 03:38:36 AM29595AshHarbour Users18
Google Group MessagesThe future of Harbour04/02/2020 11:48:34 PM1243327Eric LendvaiHarbour Users123
Google Group MessagesWIN_OLECreateObject04/02/2020 01:49:43 PM21628BM16Harbour Users3167
Google Group Messageshow to include contrib libraries when compiling harbor sources?04/02/2020 06:29:07 AM274QuiqueHarbour Users6
Google Group MessagesHarbour terminal application in Linux04/01/2020 01:56:24 PM374flicker177Harbour Users5
Google Group MessagesPath to HbQt03/31/2020 07:43:39 PM14201UmbromancerHarbour Users11
Google Group MessagesIs it available a updated Harbour 3.403/31/2020 02:59:07 PM2118José QuintasHarbour Users10
Google Group MessagesWindows Active Directory with Harbour03/31/2020 12:06:52 PM680Rhoy ChavesHarbour Users7
Google Group MessagesHarbour 3.2 has been update to version r(2003271400) and is available for download from whosaway.com03/30/2020 07:28:11 AM9142Mel SmithHarbour Users9
Google Group MessagesLetoDB on NetWare platform ?03/30/2020 03:21:39 AM149Michael PolandHarbour Users7
Google Group MessagesSite "Free Clipper And Foxpro Programs" www.ousob.com is dead03/29/2020 08:46:21 PM11281alex;Harbour Users15
Google Group MessagesA new mono font. monoA -- like arial03/29/2020 08:02:24 PM144mstuff kstuffHarbour Users8
Google Group MessagesHarbour and www site - web user interface03/27/2020 04:18:21 PM11348Michael PolandHarbour Users18
Google Group MessagesA web chat developed with mod_harbour !!!03/27/2020 08:22:08 AM274Antonio LinaresHarbour Users10
Google Group MessagesUnrecoverable error 6004: Internal error: size of dynamic symbol table exceed03/26/2020 10:56:16 AM9388zbiantHarbour Users1117
Google Group Messages[ LetoDBf ] Github Account - Write Access03/26/2020 10:07:11 AM6232Pritpal BediHarbour Users48
Google Group MessagesHarbour 3.2 has been Updated to Version R(2002240732) and is available for download from whosaway.com03/26/2020 12:59:30 AM297Mel SmithHarbour Users12
Google Group Messagessetmode() with gtwgG. An odd result.03/25/2020 05:42:01 PM13250mstuff kstuffHarbour Users37
Google Group MessagesApplication remains open after exiting03/25/2020 05:26:20 PM10136Tim JHarbour Users13
Google Group MessagesGitHub access03/25/2020 03:56:12 AM3127druzusHarbour Developers13
Google Group Messages...i686-w64-mingw32/bin/ld.exe: cannot find -lmysqlclient03/24/2020 09:48:00 AM133Itamar LinsHarbour Users13
Google Group MessagesBack in Canada now, but *OFFLINE*03/23/2020 10:36:15 PM796Mel SmithHarbour Users14
Google Group MessagesSearching for a spesific record number03/23/2020 02:56:00 PM486Jan OliversenHarbour Users14
Google Group MessagesDifferences between functions CallDll32() and hb_DynCall()03/23/2020 11:06:27 AM147Rhoy ChavesHarbour Users14
Google Group MessagesHarbour on AS/40003/23/2020 12:24:55 AM175Aleksander CzajczynskiHarbour Developers14
Google Group MessagesCompiler comparison03/22/2020 05:20:21 PM10230tarpauwatratarHarbour Users17
Google Group Messagescode page and setfont(... question03/21/2020 07:25:54 PM147mstuff kstuffHarbour Users16
Google Group MessagesDetecting debug code03/21/2020 02:15:32 AM9233Alex StricklandHarbour Users25
Google Group MessagesWhosaway.com going offline on May 20th for the weekend.03/20/2020 01:35:40 AM5103Mel SmithHarbour Users19
Google Group MessagesHarbour Nightly Exes03/19/2020 10:10:27 AM4270Geoff DaviesHarbour Developers332
Google Group MessagesCURL Question03/19/2020 08:23:08 AM278jan.s...@grecoavalon.comHarbour Users18
Google Group MessagesHarbour 3.2.0dev (r2002240732)03/18/2020 04:22:57 PM2135Tom CarpenterHarbour Users21
Google Group MessagesCDX files getting bigger03/18/2020 06:53:15 AM9247Tim JHarbour Users25
Google Group Messageslibgui - Harbour library for console apps development03/18/2020 01:44:36 AM7450tarpauwatratarHarbour Users75
Google Group Messageswork with a ADO recordset with SQLMIX03/17/2020 11:23:40 AM4115José QuintasHarbour Users21
Google Group MessagesFile size03/17/2020 07:11:11 AM5147Daniel Du PréHarbour Users25
Google Group MessagesGTNET03/16/2020 01:22:21 AM197Kovács AttilaHarbour Users21
Google Group Messagessetfont() oddity and one solution03/14/2020 10:59:43 PM3123mstuff kstuffHarbour Users23
Google Group MessagesPDF Digitally Sign03/12/2020 07:56:51 PM182AnupamHarbour Users25
Google Group MessagesFYI: New Builds for xHarbour Version 10261 available for download03/12/2020 09:27:52 AM153Mel SmithHarbour Users25
Google Group MessagesRe: [harbour-users] Crear una librera para Harbour desde un DLL para Windows / Create a library for Harbor from a Windows DLL03/12/2020 08:40:26 AM280Rafa CarmonaHarbour Users25
Google Group MessagesForms03/11/2020 12:48:10 PM11459tarpauwatratarHarbour Users73
Google Group MessagesBlock chars and source in UTF803/11/2020 07:02:07 AM9239wanst...@gmail.comHarbour Users34
Google Group MessagesWhat code page should I use for HPDFPRINT, so that there are Polish characters?03/11/2020 04:50:05 AM4203Krzysztof StankiewiczHarbour Users49
Google Group MessagesWindows service - graceful shutdown03/11/2020 03:14:53 AM5154KarlHarbour Users27
Google Group MessagesASCII85 decode03/09/2020 11:48:18 AM5131Claudio HHarbour Users34
Google Group MessagesCannot Find (and do not Want) DEBUG.LIB03/08/2020 06:12:27 PM30236Mel SmithHarbour Users34
Google Group MessagesLooking for Harbour/Bcc for windows 10 64bits03/07/2020 06:27:50 AM5119Rhoy ChavesHarbour Users31
Google Group Messageswhere is hbtipssl.lib?03/06/2020 10:50:48 PM11241ReinaldoHarbour Users623
Google Group Messagesxpath in Harbour and/or xml parsing03/06/2020 10:02:45 AM698Jordan AsselHarbour Users34
Google Group MessagesDocumentation of OLE for Outlook, Word, Excel etc MUST SEE03/06/2020 07:50:04 AM3108Sylvain LarcheHarbour Users34
Google Group MessagesStep-by-Step Build Harbour from Linux(eg. Ubuntu 18.04.3)03/06/2020 04:52:20 AM8226Diego FHarbour Users47
Google Group MessagesAnnouncing the mod_harbour servers !03/05/2020 11:11:51 AM3157Antonio LinaresHarbour Users57
Google Group Messages[Tip] Libcurl support in Ubuntu 16/1803/05/2020 07:32:52 AM4151VladHarbour Users320
Google Group MessagesHWGUI Designer - An experiment03/03/2020 11:36:57 AM35711AshHarbour Users90
Google Group Messageshow to convert directly to pdf03/03/2020 04:08:03 AM17419Vikram ChhajerHarbour Users228
Google Group Messageshb_gti() doc notes 103/02/2020 07:43:53 AM491mstuff kstuffHarbour Users36
Google Group MessagesNefele - Bonita encuesta03/02/2020 06:19:34 AM260xamm-infHarbour Users35
Google Group MessagesHelp using hb_itemType03/02/2020 04:48:47 AM7109Luigi FerrarisHarbour Users37
Google Group Messagesrun harbour code on browser client side (javascript)03/01/2020 07:14:49 AM5159Antonino PerriconeHarbour Users37
Google Group Messagessetmode() with gtwgG. An odd result.03/01/2020 03:35:01 AM4120mstuff kstuffHarbour Developers45
Google Group MessagesGST inventory03/01/2020 01:35:19 AM297JagadeesanHarbour Users37
Google Group Messageswhatsapp api02/29/2020 09:40:30 AM398Vikram ChhajerHarbour Users37
Google Group Messagesharbour and window 10X02/29/2020 07:26:19 AM3165Massimo BelgranoHarbour Developers45
Google Group MessagesDrop Box02/29/2020 03:46:48 AM167Vikram ChhajerHarbour Users37
Google Group Messages 02/28/2020 06:22:04 PM137JagadeesanHarbour Users38
Google Group Messageshbui - GUI02/28/2020 08:10:55 AM9167Rafal JopekHarbour Users38
Google Group MessagesSET FIXED02/26/2020 02:49:47 PM14115José M. C. QuintasHarbour Users40
Google Group MessagesMalformed archive02/26/2020 12:14:46 PM160Antonio CardinauxHarbour Users40
Google Group MessagesFYI: New Builds for xHarbour Version 10257 available for download02/26/2020 09:18:26 AM287Mel SmithHarbour Users41
Google Group MessagesHow to detect which table is bringing the error hb_cdxIndexPageRead. xHarbour feature02/26/2020 04:50:06 AM148xamm-infHarbour Users40
Google Group MessagesOn the different methods of calling wapi_ShellExecute()02/26/2020 04:30:13 AM10469JunHarbour Users1910
Google Group MessagesOLE Problem02/25/2020 03:02:44 PM10203Roberto LopezHarbour Users44
Google Group MessagesEPSON POS Receipt printing02/25/2020 04:45:10 AM3115Sylvain LarcheHarbour Users42
Google Group MessagesHarbour has been updated to version R(2002240732) and is available for download from whosaway.com02/24/2020 08:41:36 AM190Mel SmithHarbour Users42
Google Group MessagesConnected to Network02/24/2020 01:02:47 AM3101Sylvain LarcheHarbour Users43
Google Group MessagesIs possible to disable SET DECIMALS TO02/23/2020 05:18:16 PM279José M. C. QuintasHarbour Users44
Google Group Messagesjust a moment02/23/2020 02:18:32 AM3112AppliserverHarbour Users44
Google Group MessagesSQL Server COPY TO .csv Fail niwth NULL value02/21/2020 06:32:11 PM10134Sylvain LarcheHarbour Users69
Google Group Messageshbrun vs hbmk202/21/2020 12:34:32 PM375Marcel GascoyneHarbour Users45
Google Group MessagesEvitar misma aplicación en 2 instancias / Avoid same application in 2 instances02/21/2020 12:32:54 PM14150Rhoy ChavesHarbour Users47
Google Group MessagesHow to get list of processes in Linux02/21/2020 08:46:27 AM364Eric LendvaiHarbour Users45
Google Group Messagesreading command line 'switches' in Harbour?02/21/2020 06:40:02 AM684Michael GreenHarbour Users46
Google Group MessagesFastCGI web development for harbour is finally here - more than 20 times faster than CGI02/20/2020 01:25:45 AM11536Eric LendvaiHarbour Users132
Google Group MessagesHow I can use de Windows APIs with Harbour?02/19/2020 05:37:33 PM14217Rhoy ChavesHarbour Users49
Google Group MessagesRC Source to HTML question02/18/2020 08:54:45 AM7224jan.s...@grecoavalon.comHarbour Users54
Google Group Messagesthreads timeout from mod_harbour02/17/2020 10:43:25 PM167Antonio LinaresHarbour Users49
Google Group Messageshow to download []bytes in pdf02/17/2020 08:43:05 PM3115Vikram ChhajerHarbour Users52
Google Group MessagesHMAC_SHA25602/17/2020 02:43:14 PM156RobbHarbour Users49
Google Group Messagesharbour.pl/docs02/16/2020 08:44:06 PM16290Rafal JopekHarbour Users60
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