Harbour is a fourth generation (4GL) computer language based on the C language.

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This site is dedicated to extend the knowledge of the Harbour Computer Language. Authors, expert in different aspect of the language, can share their knowledge, by creating and publishing articles.

Harbour is the open/free software implementation of a cross-platform, multi-threading, object-oriented, scriptable programming language, backwards compatible with xBase languages.

This site is and will remain a free resource to the Harbour community. No advertisement will be published on this site. Current hosting is provided by EL SoftWare, Inc.
We hope to create a Software Foundation for Harbour that could be similar to the Python Software Foundation (PFT). Please use the "Contact Us" page if you are interested in creating such foundation.

Some aspects of this site are still under constructions, particularly a searchable reference of the language and additional information to assist VFP developers in migrating to Harbour.

This site was created, and is maintained by Eric Lendvai. It is using a custom relational database made of more than 85 tables, and 900 fields. Click here to review the schema used to support this website.

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